Are you connecting with your customers?  I don’t mean are you talking to them, or are you marketing to them, I mean are you connecting with them? 

You’re probably a business owner or maybe an executive.  Maybe you’ve got an existing company, or a new concept that you want to launch and you’re looking for a brand identity or retail store designer to help you make the most of it.  Well, smart move. 

You want to connect with your customer down on a gut level – that’s where the purchasing decision is made.  You want to connect with them on the things that matter most to them, which should be the things that matter the most to you.

Customers are just people.  Businesses are just people, connecting with other people on a shared value or interest.  The question is, are you currently communicating that?  Are you communicating who you are, what you’re about, what you believe in, what’s important to you in a way that is visible and recognizable to your customer so that when they walk in and they approach you, whether it’s in a retail store, or on a web site, or in a marketing piece, when they look at that can they see who you are so that they can make a decision – this is me too?  This feels like me, too!  I want to do business with this person!

That’s what design is all about.  It’s about communicating who you are in a way that your customer can see and understand quickly and easily and get on board with.

Money, or sales, are the natural result of a company that is connecting with its customer on a gut level – that’s where the purchasing decision is made – not in the head. 

We all like to intellectualize our purchases with our minds and say that we made a “smart buy”.  We like to quote facts and figures, and features and benefits, and say that we made the smart purchasing decision.  And on some level we do that. 

But the truth of the matter is, at the end of the day the decision comes from the gut – it’s an emotional decision.  And it comes from a place of doing business with the people that we like.

At the end of the day most businesses are very, very similar.  98% of their DNA is exactly the same.  It’s that 2% that makes them different.  And it’s that 2% that engages the customer on an emotional level and makes them want to do business with you.  Engage them down in the gut, and the sales will just happen naturally.

Look… I know that in business we’re supposed to be intellectual, and factual, and statistical.  We’re not supposed to be touchy/feely and emotional.  But I’ve got a little secret for you:  nobody cares about “stuff”.  We’ve all got “stuff”.  We don’t need more “stuff”.  “Stuff” doesn’t sell. 

What sells are feelings – emotions.  It’s how I feel about the stuff that sells.   A pair of shoes has no intrinsic value until I wrap a story them – until I decide how those shoes make me feel about me and the way that I’m presenting myself to the world, and the way that I’m perceived by others.  It’s the emotions around the products that motivate the sale. 

And that’s the story that you have to be telling.  That’s what you have to be tapping into.  That’s what you need to be connecting with your customer on.

Stuff is a means to end.  Well, I’m a designer – design is a means to an end.  It’s a way of telling a story.  It’s a way of setting the stage for a connection to happen between you and your customer – a connection on a shared value or interest.  They’re going to see themselves in you and you in them.

And if we can make that connection, then your sales will inevitably go up…

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